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Thoughts about the Law

Thoughts about the Law 

from an mathematical project

"Upon the origin of crime ..." is some bullshit but also some complex concerning what is in modern times understandment of law'. There will be no reason in unified spiritual and natural sciences and the unification of ideom is in selfcontradiction is moreover called meta-physic that is'nt. "The God's made the universe to famous" is in twice contradiction to that terminus of intelligence so far the God's had made the materia "... what the hell should there be metaphysics?!". If an metaphysician answer: "God's and the metaphysics are the same by enlightment!" there is contradiction to the empirie history and had been not, otherwise it were an contradiction and so on. The very joke in sciences is that the contradiction is object of (the metalogical) what is not-known. That reasoning here by our logical calculus can possibly be true and true is true where both premisses are false what is in conjunctive true (see chapter More mathematic logical) thus we have the true because the false ...? The saying is that without law's the social public get's resp. is put into chaos and terror. But that is even an contraditional logic and for reals of international law is false. There is an certain-un(i)certain that is (and) that is somehow the victim for purpose is also an spiritual reference. So one can say law is for the good ... in bad meaning. And that is moreover an so called psychological theme in for to ask of selfish nacism of law nature has to be. In politicals the contract sociale is somehow an acclamation resp. agreement for the status situ(s)ation of that law to complex is official affairs. Privacy behaviour is explicit except in war ... that official affairs are privacy ... for the short law is unfortunately only what the official affairs serve. The affirmative from the affine reflective for what is the local fire brigade relevant, appropriate, responsible for to be competent against what is avoidance when if the fire brigade is informed concerning the local fire "... they don't ask any question, they just go" ... like in war (for to) ... they/theire have to do, the cars and passangers have to get beside by social let me say quantum reason experience for the fire brigade to come to the local place where the fire is. In our theoretics the law of the fire and the fire of law are some different senses resp. sentences what is our workship, worthship, worseship is somehow our double U in the begin of that asked for what throw'n. And I stated in our theoretics the fire of natural law is for to be in flesh what is the overmore concerning about what is that philosophicals. Neigther nor is logical terminus the written acts raised up from the highest historicals '... about what had been law' where the lawgivers had been resp. are subsistant different in respect to Salomon, Hammurabi, Theoderich, Justinian, other type of lawgivers Jesus, Mohammed, Kung Futze somehow like Leibniz and David Occam too et all like the great Hugo de Grothius argumented by reasoning about the phenomenon story tale bear by spirituals in mind from the lawgiving Abrahamic for to reasoning about something like the Genfer convention is about the right to make war in order. But that is that contradiction about what is law. To avoid that what is concerning law is that what is denied even rejected or/and invidious what resp. that is uncertain by reference to an explicite higher demiurg spirit. Hence there is poem twice defined verse i.e. "The Gods put to death only for fun" and that excecution of what is unlaw is neccesary to process is in duty agreement. Thus we have: "By the Lords Gods will we have to do (that) law ..." for satisfaction and so on. The payment of supremacy law for fine to the supremacy, thems sometime invidous by personal for to live, is in argument of duty to that from the Gods inaugurated "in His help", what is'nt the juridical fact final, in ingenious of what is the understandment of law. In some other words so far we suggest that the natural law is some other than the aritficial law because nature is in law what to be and nature living has no law because there has to be law of supremacy onto what is that include of life. For reason the very point of critics is what law has to serve if the justice is in argument of what is by intelligence reasoning absolut not in guilty are the Gods who made. In fact if an nation-state is offender agressor to an other state, much other cases of that kind, will do unlaw not by selfreference ingenium but by contradiction and scattering theire own believe of that nature. For the objective that has to be in law that explicite what are the Gods even the universe the juridical fact also surrounds too.

     Sorry this time I find no appropriate way to make theoretics to define an universal semantic parser that would be an very reason for the problem here. There had been an time ago an so called pragmatic dicussion about an more modern philosophical pragmatic by the nomenclatura of Th. Kuhn et all who got it by the way. The problem is that the different sciences have no unified pragmatic about the objectives defined by themselfes. Any question that is by the discurse is affirmated by the difference of interpretation canonical objectives. Plane, surface, area, volume, time and so on are by themself indisputable measurements concerning objective definitions. Well, it is true that an theoretical area is not any psychic fact. Masses, times and different locus final are concerning the socalled objectives no different values by human conscious. In each cases of the science faculties there are socalled reasoning about anything of difference that is also philosophical ideom too, so there is even no unity in political affairs and also not in social affairs. The reference is in question and that is some most case of inherit hinderance. So if one want to be resp. to make an new pragmatism he has to be despot in resp. onto sciences, otherwise there strengthen flew away and recursive and regression, what is also religious, wanted to be again reformed true and rightious. But, the religious, the psychologics, the understanding of artificial pragmatics and so on also to the workers and people in economic fabrication and politicals. Despotism want to have friends, more and more to realize that despoty regardless of so much worthy. Sentences like "The Lord God is by speed of light in the best mood!" is some socalled sanct is physical and theological too. By pure logic God is not possible without masses - everything other is absurd. "The Gods have dreams" is also true because of definition dreams. If there would be unity there are multi Gods and not One ~ otherwise is an contradiction in human ... till the end of time. Unfortuanately if there is no reason of understandment there will be any problem about what is distant selfish. But nevertheless that is some main premisse of crime anyway is concerning our calculus about law's. Well that is an overmore theme I say that the Gods had been in history fact but our modern nowadays understandment of that history is some other that is not by the meaningful scant tales brought up from history. I.e. for our problem about that double laws the EU political organisation stated " The war against the usw. is all right!" Some other especially the affected state" The war against us is not alright!" One may ask what is the right law if both is true!? (see above in chapter More mathematic logical). Right law is  .... ideomaticaly that is'nt. There has to be an so to say higher idea about what is law resp. what law has to be ... it's clear that this guilty (of) artificial of law is not right because serve not the good. Well, that is an hard case of historic-empirical with many powerful argument about that is an overmore spiritual resp. gospel of soul. Estimation is at most feeling about that what is the suspicious question about the root origin of that what is repugnant by lawgiving and supposed  law of nature. The saying in words "Human recognized Your self(/fish)!" that is anyhow from the ancient greece academic, is some nowadays unmystified trivial ~ U. k..
    There is some about the dogmatics they and/or that is some magic. That (the dogmatic) is some supreme formulation of our paradoxes from the boundary of calculus here meant that want to make no sentence of judgement. But unfortuanately there is no(thing) that is in means of complex for finite reason about. For example: "That the dust of the graves germinates!" and also for example "The Two is the evidence respectivly proof of the unit resp. unity of the number" and couple of word sentences more. I may ask for to hint about any practical sense that is resp. shall or would moreover in meaningful~ in respect of others of cause. 
One time an girlfriend said to me: "Andreas would You write an critics to magic? that is the the overmore complex" and later times I reply "The magic corroborate itself" that is anyhow by the definition ofmagic is magis is an word for great resp. the greatest. Well let me say that: If the dust of every times of the graves (in times) in future rises again and/or germinates then the greatest disaster is the anyway possibly would have kicked in. The other word-sentence by somehow interpretation of the numbers, here the one number Two sound some affirmative of any conscious in prince. Both examples from dogmatic sentences (TM) are also in plural called dogma are at most some logical truth and false. That is the very powerful case while because dogmatic is not called the logical. And by intellectuals it is true that the most of bullshit is thought by the magic of complex is already logic reasoning. "Because God I ... (i.e. knew thinking)" is non-sense in science human understanding ..." well, I do the right!" is representation of that case of spirit. That is an likely overmore in theoretics that is however the main stream or an tribe of heretics of present law et all.
     By looking at the times many events in history serve furthermore law by also at most unlaw. An case of event is for example the Bostener-Teeparty. The precedent forgoing history story had been some great historical from the let me say foreigners from the European continent is inclusive Ireland. The at most Spanish, France and Britain and much more like the Netherlands, the Denmark and others, I want to note the state Canada, all of that history result in anyhow the American civil war with the Bill of Rights. From the ongoing up this times later in the precedent history that times the English Crown was is contract by some concurrence with the Netherlands about the way to India that was before and overmore the so called Silk Route to the Far East also too. From that the Britain that was especially the Crown thron rested in contracts from that Bill of Rights concerning the history of the Magna Carta by the USA. For the short: "The English crown got tax on the tee" that was lasting past the American constituion. By diplomatic correspondation the queen Victoria the Great about the lost of the American collonies stated that the tax for the tee had been delivered from England that was necessary to North-America had to be payed to the GB crown. That got to an excluding fascinosum in the new USA concerning dialog are merly selfreference pray by the free person citizen hence the King Queen make protest. Note that warefare and consuming fix the village that are the socials, thus the great point of view about the newer American Constitution (Amendments) that times fixed in that from punishment toll to the Her Empress in far. Hence the trade business thrown the delivered and payed quantity of tee they were by that international contracted sense in duty to the crown of free man citizen law into the river-mar by an affirmative that is necessaryly transcendental: "Drink Your tee alone!" that was the Bostener Tee-Party. Well by some thougth's about that story history tale what is called law present especially that about the example Bostener Tee Party (... A.D.) are by document well defined in numbers of bill and there is only some unfolded diagram of finite connected constrain but nothing about our calculus theme for to modelling law by abstact maths calculus where is only selfreferenced reasoning with some not-logical but intelligent too. Anyhow that made logical critics to some view of law for constitution by historical reference. But every aprooved law is written from the older is at most the ethics logics of resp. for any personal concious of laws the model the representative reference. And this is some apointed contradictory in intelligence where present law is by international convention the oath "So in God will" to the sense spirit about that theme. If by an personal believe the God and the Gods had made Heaven and Earth, it had been in Theire will(s) is no doubt what is the contradiction especially in democratic state of constitution of international affairs. In jurisprudence the case of coercion the juridical laws is let me say fulfilled by the will of thems Gods otherwise theire Gods are in doubt- that is. To make earthy judgement about that is logical paradox what result from smiliar ideals resp. ideomaticity concerning the natural law while the nature self has no like humans. And it is also true that in meaning sense of the Gods behaviour the Gods are selfish nacism ~ what is the sense of meaning ~ but there is many derivation resp. derivative especially about the complex. The spoken words of that objective about the opposite of the Good God in christian is the so called satanic and there are many other word names in similiar all over the world came along from the history they match present law a very. That concern for true the intellectuals about the terminus atom is indistructible what is the meantioned complexity.

     The International Court of Justice of the United Nations (Organisation) is in duty of the Carta of the United Nations. The Carta is in preamble defined by "past the times of World War II. ..." that is very anyhow eurocentristic but not international unity the Germ'any's made Wold War the Second. The coercion of law ideom is even provoked that is any vocal too. The crowds are cabbage with the potatoes and weißwurst is veal sausage, is different to wheel saus'age in English/American words international, thems beer in mind is understandment. Germ'any was past that very W.W. Two raised to First World membership of history of cause and so the story goes most point in defeating the communism in the world especially in the DDR Sowjetunion. The Germany-Unity 1989 was some historical in also international politics where the membership of the DDR and the BRD in the UNO had been in respect to both suverain states. The West-Germany who won that idealism anyhow made historical profit markup resp. target objective while all the other international states made lost in historical dimensions especially the Sowjetunion returnd to socalled capitalism. There had been much more other changed theire idealism of nation like the Czechoslovakian and by public quarrel the Jugoslavian. Bulgaria and Rumanian are nowadays member of the EU(O). That change had been. This times Germany is one of the first class political power of the world. There is much from German culture history. Concerning the UNO -Charta that is as well an provocation to suprem idiom of international unity that was an historical process ongoing. Such senses had gone resp. had been fixed by that Charta law of UNO. That is fact up to now. No one even the UNO self Organsation can accept that supreme definition of internation law ideom ethics they have in habit. And let me say that harmful affirmative that is recognized by that ideomatic is'nt right resp. can not be law accepted. But that is by some ideomatic in prince contradiction logical concern. See, the Hebrew and the Palaestinian had been living since ancient times in the landstrip of named Israel. All of that from the origin is fundamental brought up from ancient classical times. Everything what is in philosophics that human empirie pointed to an unity understandment. What have had the international states done? They agree to an demand of the victim inhabitants to be free from guardianship of the Israelis Jewish-Hebrew. Why's there is no idea of unity and freedom? For true there are several subsitutes especially the socalled Holy Land what is the definition from the Jewish God and also too the modern finance crisis of state Israel ~ also too anyhow. An great amount of finance resources to the one part of the land Israelians from the West-European especially the West-Germany and the American also too is in constitution of the state Israel. Supposed past the Second World-War the Near-East Arabiens had been not in such conflicts the world history had been some other. It is clear that the official law of international had been the unlaw for peace intelligible. Well, we make joke to intelligence reason to ask "Black and White, what is black?" but it's no joke concerning "that law is against unlaw, what is unlaw is not inlaw?". That socalled intellectual reasoning is trivial nonsense for non-sense - judgement squared. There is much more like that. Law is what the nature serves is logical against the nature that has no law but is'nt unlaw.
     At last an example of an next other kind of law-constitution is for example the smoking, the drinks and the drugs also too. In some lands like Germany there is smoking and drinking and drugs by some prohibition but some different case of allowance. Where the heroin-mafia is condemned by culture attributes they are in not-social conventions what the moreover understandment has to be. Others of drugs are allowed especially the alcohol drinks and also the smoking of tabac cigaretts. Apart from the traffic motion of cars and so on the popular drugs for human cost ten thousands of people life a year gone dead by that consuming. Everyone knows but it is all right ... . There are many tales about drugs even by the psychologicals they want to regulize some of the brain or other and so on for health by the medicine ideology. Smoking ... houg by the former called indianians and now modern indigenes for peace-contract and in the arabian lands some brought up from the colonialism what had been some like the opium-war in Far Asia. Every witchcraft of priestly spiritual is with drugs that make view the Gods and Gosts to service. The smoke were the first telegraph morse signs and also "there is smoke! - fire!". There are great industries to fabric smoke all day long is sign prosperity. Those and more from that mechanisations made estimated harmful air smoog that was the sign of industrie capitalism and wellfare for to be good. By the thoughts of mine here the official state shall make smoking forbidden but without toll. All over the world the environmental pollution is not unlaw of human and thoughts to serve an better life by work are far away from to make profit selfish called capitalism of life is to reach for. In rough words: Not the rock'n'roll for to dance poem that "the city is built on rock'n'roll", the world history is built in the see of blood ~ that is essentialy some other any dancing of rock 'n'roll sounded fascinating. And let me say to hear that every times in every variations is also no reason about like same to hear that the Gods are alive - is quite a joke about nothing is no joke.
I understand that by some intellectuals but many very cases in law history had been some un'i'law is inlaw "... the aliens are guilty for punishment!".          

There are several conclusions we can make about this theme:

Law is some uncertain bi~ and selfdual. Law of nature and natural law are some different one.

There are no formulars to predict the juridical case and especially the crime. From that point of view here I see no reason about crime without an enclosed complex view.
To make that more precise and turn from the abstract ideal of mathematics to more realy an plenty of statistical data-function has to be developed what is in understandment also an theoretical critics about what is knowledge.    

The English-American language is very stressed by that moreover ideomatic and more worldidea impact of concious and cognition. It is somehow easy by our calculus to bring word sounding to an very powerful throne that is somehow from that English-American history story tales. So far we have many contradictional in reception the sense of that ideomatic historical interpretation all over the world each in partial pointed to worthys. Languages especially the English are very stressed by international usage. I think that is some irritate by individualism. I think all the hit's, pop's, hurts, affected-artificial is some twice of grammatical especial recursive analysis of Input-String "... we dont need no super'staaar'!" anyhow ~ words in meaning.   

Conclusionaly this here was only an experiment for to study 'Mathematical modelling law for punishment' where the moreover philosophical aspect is twice contradictional and uncertain.   

26. 09. 2011, Bremen, Germany