Donnerstag, 4. Dezember 2014

What's going on....

What's going on? ... My view

From: H.A. S.H. z1. pol. tk. phil. psych. soz. eco. log. tech. rev. semio.
... anti-court, anti-judgement, anti-law, anti-dogma

"Let the people talk..."
"There to many men, making to many problems..."
"The torture never stops..."
"Politicians turning bones oft the true..."
"Too childish mantren (at all)..."
and some other || put to death' !!

Meanwhile all the sayings happend rested for to know, tales and spoken are lasting, bear in mind, to be concious about. a.o.
For the short any blame the history of final, where scientific along carry on "love is coming". "You have to ~ otherwise~". Nowadays one put a picture with some proverbs in magical Internet psychic 'internet', thus/hence instantly and immediate the very holness, void and emptyness gone weak to be one, while the pathology seemingly arose and arise at all. "... running up that hill" it is'nt. People speak in tongues "Are you with us!"… "Are you alright!" -- "Here we go!", where every brain put under doom and give head whats going on. "What the hell!" ~intrinsicly shouted from the sure complex dull and lunatic, official set "down put you under...", crowded people 4-2 true captured out of the sudden, blatant any condition exist. It is'nt has to be for to be too. Stars in heaven rise by simple thought suggestion in apparatus, where megastars declared by fuck off meaning land and home, faced ideom into "You tube!".

Worthless worse! "...Old man take a look at Yourself", …where I gone take it, … you know where I put the call!" is the ABC bible nacism inbreath for selfish. E.g. Germany densed blatant driveld already all over the threatend theme/meme. Idiotic and gene mingled in occasion where evil from the Lord devil and good from "Gott" squared, except "T". Still people try to get enlighted "the are" … but theire does'nt" by lodge. "Waiting for..." the neutron bomb for five Euro to cure the world to establish healthy. "Nothingness... peace, enduring freedom". See all that democratics still in action place. To become? from affairs. That's terms are fore. Ongoing rightious to false, pushed shifted false to right, to be what it is. Thats the spirit of flesh valve materia, apoint to non and sense minded.
Conducting state of official still reflect crime philosophy  madness habit. It's almost convenient "The USA are...", "The Jewish are..." to geht the point oft 'nacism-national' is national nacism as fascism.
Meanwhile Germ'any-D- had still gone to an at most fascism as pretty can be for the folks. Flash back of religious from terms of transcendent history? It's respective any of any theirs friendship to same and even couple of assholes roundabout in spot. Of cause that crowded 'nationalists' surly called fascist all around the world nation in constitution, wanted to revert back to tradition. But - unfortunately - there is'nt, because party of official government "in law, in rights, in proud and idle" for all that criminal forensic pathology happed in social by everyday logic.
Some nigger idiot set 'social insurence for disease' by his fucking name for president home. "Take care...!", the so called abbrevative of 'repubilicians' tee-party apartheid. Same similar in the other countries. That's the regressive to traditional nation grown up. "Oh captain, why we hide the sea, that never come to end ..." … "and we all with you!". "Sure", understandment to stand. But thats the transcendental reflexive they do. "There is nothing more secret the everyone know" ~ see sacred. To calm down is quite substantial. "Get up, stand up, for Your rights" ~ that is plenty by the Lords impact. "Wee duty call..." for toll -"troll!" ..."roll over Beethoven"... "my stepping stones" until Godzilla resurected - Leviatan? Thus that word fascism, fascism of the world, gone anyhow "Get into the groove, where we got to move"… "Mean mistreader".

There is much migration from cernels of spoiled countries, result brought up from that political affairs and quarrels and exodus. This is s long and longer story tale by all participate by argument and/or offence, finaly perverted anything "World health Orgs" definitions, overmore concilation ~ animal and beings concious realm to none sychronous dump dull stupidity arise to phenomenon of life each remainder. That's quantum potency we've done ~ the best of. Joy conditioned is to encouter the stacked table schedule ~what has put to death to release and to be satisfied.

Its time to negate all the "Gods" and all of the people they paralyse thinking by that "religious" nonsense for psychiatric science and behavior in moreover psychic nacism.

What's going on... same procedure like every year! The human mind is depressed by the reals of ideology in flesh from ancient times. The government collapsed ~ as usual for period. The poor are still drowning and the rich are still in happyness. All is one (1) at each times to gather whats going on.

AHL d.U d.W